31-32 Ranelagh Avenue, London SW13 0BN
Tel: +44(0)2088762199


Our Strength

Our History

We continually strive for excellence and continuous improvement and staff are very skilled to support people with their goals and aspirations. We care,  really care about the people who live here. We know it's the positive relationships we have with people that fuel the success, both on an individual and organisational level.

Our Vision

Shenehom was established in 1982 by volunteer parents living in the Barnes area who had children with mental health problems. Since then, Shenehom has made a significant contribution to the lives and well-being of many adults with mental health problems.

31-32 Ranelagh Avenue, London SW13 0BN, UK          +44 (0)20 8876 2199          office@shenehomhousing.org.uk

Our Staff


  • Manager- BA Hons History/Politics, 12 years experience of managing services
  • Deputy 1- BsC Psychology & Counselling
  • Deputy 2 – BsC Psychology
  • 4 x Project Workers – Backgrounds in Neuroscience, Philosophy, Gestalt therapy and CBT
  • Supported by a Board of Trustees

We aim to support people in a personalised way and help maximise potential and wellbeing. We aim to be an outstanding home. Our Quality Assurance is very thorough to aid with this aim.