31-32 Ranelagh Avenue, London SW13 0BN, UK          +44 (0)20 8876 2199          office@shenehomhousing.org.uk

31-32 Ranelagh Avenue, London SW13 0BN
Tel: +44(0)2088762199


What we like about ourselves


The team at Shenehom Housing come from a wide range of backgrounds and each bring something unique to the home. This ensures that every week we run a variety of groups that engage and stimulate the residents who live at the home. Regular weekly activities include a music group, art and craft, relaxation, tea and chat, a walking group, a story-telling group, dance, baking, history and bingo. 


At Shenehom Housing, it's not just the key worker or the Manager who draws up the support plan with our residents - the whole team feed into it. This ensures the skill and expertise level going into support planning is at it's very best and this helps gain good outcomes for people living here. Of course, we always remember though that the most important person in this process is the resident themselves. 


Shenehom Housing is located in leafy Barnes. Our back-garden opens onto Barnes Common and we are a two minute walk from Barnes Pond. We are strong believers in a holistic approach to recovery and understand that a stunning environment is conducive to improvements in mental health.


We know how important it is to get a break and visit some unusual locations. Thats why holidays are so important to our residents. In recent years we have visited Worthing, Dublin, Bournemouth, the Kent Coast, Barcelona and Portugal.


The special relationship between staff and residents underpins everything we do at Shenehom Housing. We know that many of our residents may have experienced trauma during their life-time and our staff recognise this and are always supportive.

What others say about us

"We have been visiting Shenehom for many years and are always impressed by not only the excellent facilities but also the high-quality standard of care and support provided by the management and staff. Residents are treated with dignity and respect within a safe and supportive environment whilst providing individuals with skills for development and independent progress. The staff have created a true family home feel with an exceptionally considerate community" - CW

"My very close family member has been a resident at Shenehom for many years now. Every day we as a family count our blessings for the exceptionally skill, vigilance, compassion and kindness of the staff. They foster a supportive and warm community that is a little family in itself. No effort is spared in making sure residents are comfortable and their needs met, and there are regular opportunities for shared activities, outings and trips. There is excellent communication with us as family. If ever there was a model of best practice this has to be it, with the added blessing that Shenehom is itself such a lovely building in a lovely location. Nothing can match the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one is cared for to this level. My family are humbled by the unstinting kindness and care of staff towards our loved one over the years, and we will always be in their debt" - STF